How to care for a Japanese futon

How to care for and look after your Japanese Futon


The most important thing you can do to care for your futon is to air it outside regularly.

Japanese Futons are generally placed on the floor. Some people prefer to place a futon mattress under the Shiki-futon.
Japanese people generally fold up the futon and store it during the day. This creates more space in the room.
A Japanese style futon requires some degree of maintenance to enable you to use it at peak comfortability for longer.

  1. Fold your futon when not in use.
  2. Give your Futon some sun and fresh air.
  3. Cleaning the floor regularly to help care for your futon.



Other helpful hints


  • If you leave the futon on the floor for extended periods of time, mold and dust mites may gather beneath it.
    This includes folding the futon-mattress if you have one. The futons can easily be stacked neatly.
  • Allowing your futon some dry air and sunshine, once a month, may prolong the life of it.
    This can help prevent any mold or fungus from growing inside. During humid or damp times of the year, this is
    especially important.
  • People in Japan often use a dedicated futon beater to help remove dust and other unwanted materials.
  • In Japan, Futons placed on Tatami floors for sleeping. Since we don’t have Tatami floors available,
    it is recommended you use a futon mattress under your shiki futon.