Fried Rice Seasoning


Japanese Food!
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Japanese Fried Rice Seasoning – Chahan Japan (3 packs included).

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Fried Rice Seasoning – Chahan Japan (3 packs included)

3 packs of Powdered fried rice seasoning that makes delicious, authentic tasting, Japanese chahan in a frying pan quickly. First cook your rice and scramble an egg and you’re ready. Each sachet contains enough seasoning for one serving ( 4 people ).

How To Cook
To make this great tasting Japanese chahan fried rice quickly and easily:
• Put a spoon full of oil and 1 beaten egg to a frying pan.
• Add 250g of boiled rice and fry for 1 minute on a medium heat.
• Add 1 sachet of chahan fried rice seasoning, fry for a further minute and a half and you’re done!


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