Japanese Futon Set

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Japanese Futon Set

Set includes:

1 * Shiki Futon
1 * Futon Mattress
1 * Futon Sheet

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New Japanese Futon Set imported from Japan.

A Japanese Futon Set is the best seller and highly recommended for people in Australia who would like the comfort and flexability of space that Japanese style bedding provides.

1 * Shiki Futon
1 * Futon Mattress
1 * Futon Sheet

Easily foldable for storage.

Shiki Futon
Light weight for ease of airing in fresh air.

-Anti Dust Mite Technology
-3 kg
-100 x 210 cm
-Thickness 4 cm
-Side fabric   Polyester
-inner material Polyester

  • Shiki Futon may be Brown or Beige depending on supplier availability.

Futon Mattress
– 2.5kg
– 50 x 910 x 1920 mm.
– Thickness 4cm
– Outer Fabric 100% Polyester
– Inner material Polyurethene Memory Foam 95% retention

Japanese Futon Sheet
” やわらかいタオル生地のシーツです ” – its just like nice soft towel.

For a flat shipping fee we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

All Futons are made in Japan and are the ‘typical’ style of bedding used by most people in Japan, from Families to Students to the elderly.

Some high end Futons can be too thick and can not be folded and stored. Also Futons that are too thick can be quite heavy and this makes airing them and sunning them too much like hard work. Air and Sun are important for your shiki mattress so it is recommended you choose one that is built to be easily maintained.

We only sell affordable, everyday style futons. Our supplier makes futons are built to last and are marketed towards the average consumer in Japan. People in Japan usually sleep on tatami covered floors. In Australia we recommend people use a Shiki Futon paired with a base mattress for best results. Those who like a harder style of sleep, may choose to use only the Shiki on a carpeted or wooden floor.

Authentic Japanese futons are made to be used on a flat surface. If you prefer to use the futon on a bed or bed base, it is advised to have a flat base rather than slats. If you have slats, try covering them with a flat surface.

Things to keep in mind when buying a Futon are :

  • What kind of base do you prefer ?
  • How firm do you like your mattress or futon ?
  • Do you need more space in your room ?
  • Are you prepared to air and sun the futon regularly ?

8 reviews for Japanese Futon Set

  1. Nicholas

    Great service, product. It was delivered in few days. I would buy more items.

  2. Masahiro

    Great futon for its price

  3. Iyad

    Great service. Best sleep I’ve had since coming back from Japan. Very happy.

  4. Emma

    Delivered quickly, undamaged and as described.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Yuelan (verified owner)

    Anyone who has experienced the comfort of Japanese onsen (hot spring) ryokan would know how great a futon bed is. It is extremely comfortable and easy to carry and store. It efficiently uses the room space and gives the room a very cozy feel.
    This product is exactly like what I experienced in Japan, and it is great value for money given that it is directly delivered from Japan. The service is really good, and the delivery is so fast – it took less than 5 days from my order to receiving the goods, in both occasions.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ryuya (verified owner)

    Delivered quickly and cheap freight.
    Good quality of products.
    Thanks for fried rice seasoning!!

  7. E.S.

    I just wanted to say how much my wife and I are enjoying the futons. We live in a very small cottage in the mountains, and the difference in having a clear bedroom floor during the day is amazing! We bought some Ikea Vallentuna sofas that have storage under the seats where we can store items such as pillows and quilt during the day time (as well as having somewhere for my wife to knit during the day), it’s all working out really well.
    My wife reports that she is sleeping really well and very deeply, I think due to feeling of ‘not falling out’ so the body really ‘lets go’.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jakob (verified owner)

    The futon set is amazing! Great communication between the seller, fast and very much affordable shipping considering the size, and overall just a really great product. No issues whatsoever and highly recommended!

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